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The Idea Behind The Doodle Dozen

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

In this blog post, I share the origins of the Doodle Dozen series!

The stories are inspired by my sons, who are so imaginative and creative, it’s been a joy having them involved in bringing this book series to life.  

It all began when my eldest, portrayed by the character ‘Ziggy’ in the books, started to create his very own mini books, drawn with a set of colouring pencils he had received for Christmas a few years back and an HB pencil.

He was about 7 years old at the time.  

At home, we would bump into these little handmade 5-10 page books all over the house, neatly folded in the middle and held together by a single staple.  

He called them his little ‘pencil books’ as they were where he wrote various stories and comics about pencils.  

Then, after rediscovering an abandoned scrapbook in the home office, he started drawing anything he could think of, complete with themes and numbers for each page.  

Within a few weeks, he’d made it his very own scrapbook for doodling! 

Here are some of the original scrapbook doodles by my son, which inspired the doodles featured in Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling!

Soon, his little brother, portrayed by ‘Milo’ in the books, also became inspired to draw his little version of pictures and comic stories with his colouring pencils. 

So these pencils have come a long way from doodling in scrapbooks and living in pencil cases to a fun picture book series!

Meet the Original Doodle Dozen! 

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