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Meet the Author

Author Michelle Gibbs
- Michelle Gibbs, Author -

Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle Gibbs, author of the Doodle Dozen series. Thank you for stopping by!


I just wanted to introduce myself and share with you the story behind the Doodle Dozen series.

I was born on the sunny island of Barbados where I enjoyed a childhood filled with frequent trips to the beach, picnics in the sun, bike riding outdoors and playing with my cousins and friends. What a wonderful place to grow up!

After living in New York (USA) for a few years, I now live in Southeast England with my husband and sons, my inspirations.


By day, I am a clinical academic researcher with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, but outside of work I am a Mama of three boys who enjoys reading my collection, ermmm sorry… my sons’ collections of children’s books.


I also support PhD mothers in successfully navigating PhD life while raising their little ones and purposefully building a life they love. If this sounds like you, then feel free to check out my blog, podcast and more via Mrs Mummy PhD.

In my childhood, whether I was writing letters to my pen-pal, reciting the words to my favourite songs, reading books or writing poetry, I began to understand early on that language is more than just words.


The many other creative outlets accessible to me as a child (arts and crafts, singing, pottery, imaginary play) also facilitated emotional expression, when I couldn’t quite find the words.


Encouragement to express my feelings and emotions in these ways really helped me to understand the true value of language and communication.

Now as a busy mum, I have taken my inspiration from our sons, who have inspired me to bring their ideas to life in this wonderful and fun new picture book series.  


It also allowed me to combine my own inner creativity and love for writing.

Although I’ve never imagined myself as a children’s book author, as parents of young children, my husband and I have clocked many hours of reading children’s books. 

This not only inspired our boys to be keen readers themselves, but also inspired me to write my very own children’s book series.

Writing these books made me realise that writing is much more than a just creative outlet and has the potential to impact, inspire and facilitate change, which makes me want to ensure that my writing does just that. 

I hope you enjoy the Doodle Dozen, they really are a unique, fun and hopefully inspiring bunch!

I share more about the idea behind the Doodle Dozen on the blog and how it went from just an idea to an inspired picture book series.


On the blog, you'll also find out more about the important take home messages within the stories too!

Thanks so much for supporting Doodle Dozen and my mission to inspire little readers, doodlers and change makers around the world!

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