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Ziggy and Milo are finally welcoming home their new baby brother, Kai. They are very excited to share all of their big brother words of wisdom with him by doodling the whole world! But the Doodle Dozen have mixed feelings about this plan, as the world looks very different these days. Can Ziggy, Milo and the Doodle Dozen find anything good about the world to doodle for Kai?

As the third book in the Doodle Dozen series, Doodle Dozen Let’s Get Doodling Our World is a wonderful story of two older siblings who use their creativity to welcome a new baby into their family. It warmly illustrates the gift of love and the ignition of that creative spark of childhood, as well as the simple joy of giving. The story also encompasses concepts of positivity, optimism, gratitude, resilience and coping with change. Through the personification of the twelve pencils and their fun, entertaining interactions with each other and with human characters Ziggy, Milo and Kai, Doodle Dozen Let’s Get Doodling Our World explores how we can both see and be a positive part of the ‘good’ in the world, even when things are different.

There are indeed messages in the Doodle Dozen picture book series for every little reader or doodler out there. The vibrant and engaging illustrations will truly capture their interest and imagination. Doodle Dozen Let’s Get Doodling Our World will particularly appeal to parents who want to support their child’s creativity, emotional expression and growth mindset. It’s a charming, heart-warming story for 4-8 year old readers and doodlers alike, featuring twelve very special pencil pals and three equally adorable brothers. From their unique personalities, curious minds and creative expression, to their inspiring words and unbreakable bond, the Doodle Dozen will quickly become your little one’s new favourite pencil pals!

Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling Our World - Hardcover

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