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The Doodle Dozen are no ordinary pack of pencils! They love creating fun pictures with Ziggy, but Ziggy is too busy these days to draw and colour anymore. Can these twelve pencil friends find their way back to doodling again? Enjoy this fun-filled story about friendship, teamwork and creativity!


The Doodle Dozen are unique.  They are not your typical pack of pencils. There is one HB 'writing' pencil, called Lead Pencil, and eleven colouring pencils, each with their own personalities. They understand and accept their individual differences, and celebrate these unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. However, one thing they know for sure is that are better together as the Doodle Dozen because together they always achieve greater things!


This beautifully illustrated story encourages children to explore their creativity and imagination through drawing and colouring, key to building confidence, developing their skills and talents, and understanding and expressing their emotions, amongst a plethora of other benefits. It also celebrates the importance of teamwork and togetherness, valuing diversity, rather than division and discrimination. Each member of the Doodle Dozen is different with individual qualities, but they work together for the greater good of reuniting with their best friend Ziggy. An inspirational little story for children aged 4-8 years, Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling will appeal to every young child with a love for drawing and colouring and any parent who wants to explore concepts of diversity, friendship, teamwork and creativity with their child. A delightful story about twelve little pencils with very big hearts, even bigger personalities and a shared love for doodling!

Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling - Hardcover

  • Includes one author autographed copy of Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling in Hardcover and for a limited time only, this will also include one FREE Doodle Dozen bookmark OR sticker! Let us know your choice when you check-out! However, please note that the specific sticker or bookmark design will be chosen at random from the options shown on the listing. Don't miss out, purchase your copy now!

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