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The Amazing Benefits of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone and Why You Should Try It

A comfort zone is a state of mind where you feel safe and secure. The Cambridge Dictionary defines the comfort zone as:

"a situation in which you feel comfortable and you do not have to do anything new or difficult."

It’s the place where you can be yourself and have the freedom to do what you know makes you comfortable and happy. But in order to grow, we need to get out of our comfort zones. Getting out of your comfort zone is about pushing your limits, exploring new things and not being afraid to take calculated risks.

Getting out of the comfort zone isn’t something that only kids struggle with. As parents, we too feel uncomfortable when we have to do things that don't fit into our comfort zone. This is because as parents, we become used to the way we live and the way we do things. So, it can be a challenge for us when we have to change our routine and try something new. However, when our kids see us challenging ourselves, overcoming our fears and pushing beyond our comfort zones, they are inspired and believe that they can do the same. It helps them to see how they too can acquire new skills, deal with challenges in life and grow their confidence.

Check out the inspirational doodles video below for a few tips from ‘Ziggy’ especially for your little doodler, to remind them that new things can be fun too!

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How Your Comfort Zone Impacts Your Productivity & Creativity

The problem with comfort zones is that they are limiting and can lead to stagnation. They prevent us from learning new skills and getting out of our routine. You might not be taking enough risks or trying new things. This can result in your creativity and productivity levels dropping.

Your comfort zone is the range of what you know and understand. Admittedly, comfort zones do have their place. They can help us to feel secure in our lives and give our brains time to rest from the constant need for creativity and productivity. When you are in your comfort zone, it makes it easier for you to do your work. But when you are out of your comfort zone, it can be more difficult and challenging to get the work done. However, too much time in our comfort zone can hinder our creativity, limit our potential and lead to stagnation.

Creativity is a process that starts with an idea or thought. You need to be able to think outside of the box in order to come up with new ideas and solutions. This is where creativity comes from - from being outside of your comfort zone.

The more time you spend in your comfort zone, the less creative you will become because you won't be challenging yourself enough. This is because, when we're in our comfort zone, we become too comfortable with the way things are and stop trying to find new ways of improving on them.

It's important to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones so that we can grow and learn from trying new things. The more time you spend in your comfort zone the less productive and creative you will be.

Creativity should be nurtured from a young age, as it can have a significant impact on the way children think and behave in the future. It can help them in their future life and career. Kids need to be encouraged to try new things and explore their creativity. The most important thing we can do as parents is to provide our kids with an environment that encourages creativity, without discouraging them when they try out new things or fail at something they are attempting for the first time.

How Your Comfort Zone Impacts Your Personal Life?

Your comfort zone is the place where you feel safe and happy. It’s where you know what to expect, and are able to get your daily tasks completed without any difficulties.

But is it good for your personal life?

The answer is no.

A comfort zone limits your personal growth. It prevents you from discovering new things, which means that you are not learning anything new about yourself or about the world around you. It can also lead to a sense of stagnation in life because you are not moving forward with your personal goals.

There are a few ways to find out if you're spending too much time in your comfort zone:

  • Ask yourself if you're feeling bored or frustrated with life

  • If you never try new things and always do what is expected of you, then it's likely that you're in your comfort zone

  • If there is nothing about your life that challenges you in a new way, then it's likely that you’re living in your comfort zone

As we become brave enough to venture outside of our comfort zones, we become examples for our children to emulate. If we want them to appreciate the importance of growing through life rather than just going through life, then we have to show them that we are taking our personal growth seriously too. Inevitably, this teaches them to adopt a growth mindset and see the importance of challenging those comfort zones that keep them stuck too.

Benefits of Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Breaking out of your comfort zone is not easy. However, breaking out of your comfort zone is a good way to challenge yourself and grow. It's common for people to feel fear when they break out of their comfort zone. Fear is a natural response, but it can be overcome with time and patience. It can be hard to overcome the fear and uncertainty of the unknown, but taking calculated risks can really be worth it in the end. Breaking out of your comfort zone can be done by taking small steps that will eventually lead to a new way of thinking.

It’s worth noting a few benefits of breaking out of your comfort zone:

  • It forces you to face your fears and eventually overcome them.

  • You might find that you are better at something than you thought.

  • It helps you learn about yourself and what you want to do with your life.

We need to take risks and try new things in order to break away from the restraints that keep us stuck in our comfort zones. One way to leave the comfort of the familiar is to change your thinking around doing new things. Once you become more confident at leaving your own zone of comfort and familiarity, you can show your kids that they can too!

Helping Your Kids With Managing New Experiences

Doing new things as a kid is scary. Think back to your own childhood and how nerve-wracking it was to face a big change in your life.

One of the scariest new things kids have to face is going to school for the first time or going to a new school. Making new friends is hard and facing the unexpected is intimidating. We get it.

This is why our second book in the Doodle Dozen series, Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling at School, explores how we can help our little ones manage these new experiences.

Here's a little hint: it begins with changing their perspective about doing new things.

If you feel this book would help your little reader and doodler who is starting school soon to think positively about this new experience, feel free to check out the book trailer below for a preview. Then head over to our bookshop to grab your autographed copy and a free gift!

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How will you inspire yourself and the little doodlers in your circle to challenge those comfort zones and try something new this week?

Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, keep dreaming, keep believing and keep doodling! :-)

Your favourite pencil pals,

Doodle Dozen

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