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We Created Our Inspirational Doodles Video Series For These 3 Reasons (#2 may surprise you!)

If you've been following the Doodle Dozen journey so far, you'll know about our recently launched inspirational doodles video series on YouTube called 'Inspirational Doodles Presented By Ziggy'.

I first mentioned it briefly in this previous blog post.

It's a series of short videos focused on inspirational messages and affirmations for kids, although I've received lots of feedback to suggest that they are enjoyed by the adults too!

So I just wanted to take a moment to share my 3 main motivations for the series in this blog post!

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1. To inspire all little Doodle Dozen readers, doodlers and change makers!

The idea of the Doodle Dozen was born out of inspiration from our boys.

You can read more about the idea behind the Doodle Dozen here.

With that said, my mission is to use Doodle Dozen's growing platform to inspire all our little readers and doodlers bursting with creativity and our little change makers full of hope, optimism and the desire to make the world a better place.

I believe in the power and potential that all children have to make a positive difference in this world, no matter how small.

Therefore, every opportunity we have to put some 'good' out into the world that helps or inspires little readers, doodlers and change makers, then we will do just that.

I believe inspiration is like an echo... it will come right back when we put it out there for others.

So it is my hope that the video series will help to spread positive messages of inspiration and affirmation to kids everywhere, so that they won't only be 'dreamers of good' but 'doers of better'!

2. To create a little 'reminder reference' for our 3 sons

This one may surprise you but I actually wanted to create these videos as a resource for our 3 boys!

I wanted to create something with a life of its own for them refer to whenever they are not feeling their best selves.

As most children do from time to time, they've experienced periods of self-doubt too. As their mum, I know what amazing kids they are and how much potential they have, and I don't ever want them to forget that.

However, I also know that what they tell themselves matters and can affect what they think about themselves.

So because I want those thoughts to be as positively affirming as possible, my husband and I decided to create these little video reminders for the boys (spoken by them, in their own voices) for days when they may forget just how awesome they are!

When they are overwhelmed with emotion, worry or doubt, these messages will be there to remind, encourage and uplift them.

So while I've said this series was created to inspire others, at its heart, are messages written for our sons.

May these words, written with all my love, help them to always believe in themselves just as much as mummy and daddy believe in them!

3. To allow us to create something together as a family

One of the greatest joys of making these videos is our 'all hands on deck' approach.

With mummy on script, and the boys helping daddy on video and audio, we have truly been enjoying the process of making the videos as a family.

And they are so much fun to make too!

How many times have we all just suddenly bursted out laughing at our bloopers or made up silly jokes with each other while reading through scripts or recording audios?

We laugh, have lots of fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously all the time.

In years to come, our boys will have wonderful memories of these moments of sheer joy and laughter which we've shared together, while at the same time, creating something positively impactful and sharing it with the world.

In my book, that's a win win!

So rather than having only the book series inspired by the boys (and yes, they will always know that they were my 'why' behind creating Doodle Dozen), I wanted to do something not just for them but with them - something they could actively and proudly be a part of.

I hope with all my heart, that I've done this.

By the way, if you want to know what we used to create the videos, it's a programme called Doodle Maker.


So there you have it - the 3 reasons behind the creation of our video doodle series on Youtube!

We hope you'll have as much fun watching them as we've had making them!

Let us know in the comments below when you've had a chance to watch.

If you missed the link earlier, you can watch them here.

On the blog, I'll refer to them in future posts to keep the positive vibes flowing!

But until next time... keep dreaming, keep believing and keep doodling!

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