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What's New at Doodle Dozen HQ?

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

So we’ve had a little bit of a hiatus on the blog, as life has been super busy here at Doodle Dozen HQ! But we’re so happy to be back!

So taking the opportunity now to send you belated Thanksgiving (USA), Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day greetings and all that good stuff all in one!

Yup, we know what you're thinking... it's March! Haha. We promise we've got the perfect excuse!

Here at Doodle Dozen HQ, we were preparing for the arrival of the newest little member of the family who arrived in January, which we announced on social media soon after!

The boys had been looking forward to their little brother for what felt like forever!

Finally the wait was over!!!

Since his arrival, they have been so smitten with him.

They can’t wait to get doodling with him! I had to let them know that it will be QUITE some time before he’s ready for doodling, so until then, kisses and cuddles will have to do! :-)

Don’t worry, he will soon be making his own little mark on the Doodle Dozen series with a special feature coming soon.

In addition to preparing for baby’s arrival, we’ve also been busy finalising the launch of our second book, ‘Doodle Dozen Let’s Get Doodling at School’, which will be out on 6th April 2021.

'Ziggy' and 'Milo' are really looking forward to the launch and can’t wait to share Book 2 with you!

If you enjoyed the first book, Doodle Dozen Let’s Get Doodling, then we think you will love this one too!

In this second story of the series, the Doodle Dozen attend school with Ziggy for the first time. The story explores their approach to this new experience and follows them throughout their day at school.

For us at Doodle Dozen HQ, the preparation of Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling at School for launch was quite timely. After our most recent lockdown and stay at home order, schools here in the UK only reopened earlier this month.

After many weeks of homeschooling and Zoom meetings, the boys were excited to be going back to school, to see their friends and get back into their usual daily routines!

But just because school is back in session doesn't mean the creativity has to stop there! The Doodle Dozen are taking their creativity to school and your 'little doodler' can too :-)

Make sure you grab your copy of Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling at School on 6th April so when they go back after the Easter holidays, they can get doodling at school too!

If you'd like a little sneak peek of the upcoming Book2, Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling at School, check it out here.

If you want some inspiration to get doodling before then, then Doodle Dozen Let's Get Doodling would be the perfect addition to your little doodler's list of 'must reads'. Check out the trailer here and also this fun video review from one of our readers!

Both books are fun reads, guaranteed to ignite the creativity in your little doodler!

Don’t be surprised if they start asking you for paper or a scrapbook for doodling or even some colouring pencils after reading the Doodle Dozen books!

We've heard this is very common among our little readers. So not to worry, it's a perfectly normal side effect! :-)

But the fact that creativity leads to even more creativity is great for the well-being of our little ones anyways, so why not?

In the coming months we look forward to sharing more with you here on the blog, such as helpful tips, exciting updates, fun reviews and other inspiring content including posts from Ziggy and Milo themselves!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Until next time, keep dreaming, keep believing and keep doodling!

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